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How to Build a Mobile-Friendly Shopify Store?

26 May 2023
Shopzila Updates

A few years ago, “Creating a Mobile-Friendly Shopify Store” was one of the major issues facing eCommerce companies. 


Eventually, in the current era things have changed, and the majority of website themes now include mobile-friendly functionality.

You are fortunate if you have picked the Mobile-Friendly Shopify Store platform to build your online store because it offers the best mobile user experience available. A few of Shopify’s mobile-friendly features include responsive themes, mobile-friendly checkouts, and mobile storefronts.

Sometimes it’s possible that your store isn’t mobile-friendly if you haven’t updated the theme for a while.

In order to keep your store theme current, you need to update it.

So update your website first you must check if your shopify store is mobile friendly or not!

Let’s Begin!!

The Ways Of Checking Mobile-Friendly Shopify Store 

The responsiveness of your Shopify website is impacted when you alter the themes for Shopify in order to add new functionality to your business. In other words, the theme’s mobile compatibility may be lost if the HTML or CSS (liquid code) are changed in any manner.

The difference between a stunning mobile-friendly theme and one that doesn’t work can be made by making minor adjustments. As a result, your store’s mobile customer experience may suffer.

You might need to verify your Shopify website and assist your store in maintaining its responsiveness to fix it. 

Let’s investigate the fantastic tool that determines how Mobile-Friendly Shopify Store is.

Test For Google Mobile-Friendly

You can find out how Google views your eCommerce store and whether it regards your Shopify store as a mobile-friendly website by using the Google Mobile-Friendly Test tool.

Click the Test URL button after pasting the URL of your store. It will evaluate the URL at various resolutions and display the test outcome. Examining each page individually is the best approach to gauge the responsiveness of your Shopify site.

Manually Testing Shopify Mobile Stores

Since a tool is not a human being who is checking your store, it can never be completely accurate. Additionally, you may manually test the mobile friendliness of your Shopify mobile store using your mobile browser.

Spend some time sitting and exploring your store with various gadgets. This will definitely assist you in determining which page or area of the website is problematic and needs to be improved.

Optimize Your Shopify Store For Mobile Users.

We hope you have a list of the necessary adjustments! Now that your Shopify store is better optimized for smartphone users, we’d like to make a few suggestions.

Simple Navigation

To make the navigation of your Shopify site simpler, be sure to analyze the structure and try to eliminate any extra layers. Keep your navigation menu simple and organized. For the sake of both your visitors and search engine bots, keep nested content to one level.

Speed Up Website Loading

Users dislike having to wait a long time. Utilize the website speed testing tools to check how quickly your store loads. Poor websites take longer than 2.5 seconds to load than good websites, which often begin loading in about 1 second.

The Google Test My Site tool measures how quickly your business loads on mobile devices. It will analyze your Shopify store and then provide you with a quick mobile page speed rating. The Google Test My Site tool is great since it provides a thorough analysis of your site’s mobile page and recommendations for how to speed up the site’s loading time.

Improve The User Interface Of The Shopify Mobile Theme:

When customers visit your store to locate the greatest item for them, the user interface is quite important. Verify that the mobile version of your site is just as appealing as the desktop version.

Ineffective user interface (UI) may deter visitors from making further purchases from your store. 

Let’s make your site’s mobile user interface more aesthetically pleasing.

  • Store Icons and a logo: Make sure all of the icons in the header and footer are visible and that the logo is the proper size for mobile viewing.
  • Your font should be large: Small fonts make reading difficult and decrease user interest. Make sure the font is readable and between 14 and 16 pixels in size.
  • Utilize standard fonts: Fancy or unusual fonts could not be supported by the majority of mobile devices. Therefore, using traditional typefaces like Arial is advised.
  • Be sure to make call-to-action (CTA) buttons visible: CTA buttons are essential for boosting your sales. Increase the size and clarity of the CTA buttons.
  • Resize the photos: Using compressed and small-sized images rather than large ones will help your shop load more quickly.

Mobile-Friendly Upsell App For Shopify

You can have given your store several Shopify apps for upselling or other functionality. As was already said, it may alter your store’s default theme and affect how responsive it is.

Use the all-in-one Shopify upsell app iCart Upselling App, which is completely responsive to any device, to overcome this problem. Your sales will increase as a result without suffering from a reduction in mobile responsiveness.

By theShopzila

Shopzila is a premium Shopify theme designed to help businesses create stunning online stores with ease. With a clean and modern design, Shopzila offers a range of features and customization options to suit the needs of any e-commerce store. Developed by a team of experienced designers and developers, this theme is optimized for speed, performance, and mobile responsiveness, ensuring a seamless user experience across all devices.


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    1. Hi Mark, you can switch to Shopzila Shopify Theme for quick fix. Try out for 14 days free trial. We have a technical team to assist you with all the issues.

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