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refund policy

Refund Policy

Unless expressly stated in this document, the subscription charges are non-cancelable and non-refundable.

Before purchasing, Shopzila theme offers a free trial of its services without asking customers to input their bank account details. In addition, the subscription fees will only be returned if a customer signs up for any Shopzila plans.

Our customers are eligible for an initial 14-day trial period for free. However, once the trial time has ended, the customer cannot use one of our theme  without registering for any of our paid plans. Our pricing plans can alter at any point. If you’re a current customer and subscribe to one of our plans, we will notify you at least 15 days before any changes take effect.

Shopzila can issue a refund in the following manner:

  • If the customer paid more than the price of the subscription plan, Shopzila would issue them a refund
  • If a customer is double-charged by Shopzila and their third-party service provider due to an error on their part, Shopzila will refund them within 30 days of receiving a refund request under our refund policy.

If one of the statement is true, we shall follow our refund policy and give the user their money back.

Shopzila retains the option to deny the request to refund at any point without explaining, particularly when:

  • The customer has used insulting language towards Shopzila or its employees
  • The customer posted public deceitful or false posts or messages about Shopzila

The refund only applies to the initial acquisition of the services. It does not apply to any upgrade, modification, or renewal.

Be aware that the amount of your refund could differ from the amount that you were charged for currency fluctuations as well as third-party fees like wire transfer fees, and Shopzila will not be held accountable for any alterations due to changes in the exchange rate of currency or payments paid by third-party companies.

Shopzila will reserve the right to refuse your request for a refund (under the refund policy) to the maximum extent permitted by law if it discovers that you provided a cancellation notice in bad faith or to avoid paying for the services you enjoyed and received.

Before making use of Shopzila products, Shopzila customers should be aware of the following:

If you remove our Theme, it doesn’t cancel your subscription immediately. You must cancel your subscription before uninstalling our theme or request a cancellation request through our support team.

  • If you stop using Shopify but don’t end your Shopzila subscription
  • If you don’t end this subscription at the time, your cost is not refundable
  • You will only be entitled to a refund if you make the chargeback process
  • If Shopify closes your store due to a copyright violation or other violation of its terms, you can contact us at and request that we cancel your subscription at Shopzilla. However, a refund will only be issued if the store is closed due to a violation of Shopify policies


We provide our services through the online store by our most current pricing list. Payments are made using a credit card using our third-party payment service providers, per their privacy and terms of service policies.

We can update charges from time to time or alter the payment method.The costs resulting from these modifications only after notice has been given either via an email or in a prominent way on the website.

If you continue to use the services following the notification, you consent to be bound by any changes.

Subscriptions automatically renew

If you sign up for one of our plans, the subscription will automatically renew at the end of your subscription period, and you will be invoiced in advance at the beginning of each billing period.


You are accountable for reporting and paying any taxes associated with the purchase and any penalties or interest applicable to the purchase or country of the purchase.

Suppose you are legally required to withhold or deduct the amount of any payments that you make to us. In that case, the fees will be deemed to be grossly increased and thereby increased so that the total amount payable to us will be equivalent to the amount which would have been expected to the company without any tax deductions or withholdings.

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refund policy

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