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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Kindly read the subsequent Terms of Use (referred to as “Terms of Use“) of Shopzila, a company situated at D228, 3rd Floor, Ind Area, Sector 74, Mohali, Punjab, India (referred to as “Shopzila“) with attention. Shopzila operates the website “” (referred to as the “Website“). By opting to utilize the Website and Shopzila’s services, the User, either the end-user or the organization they represent or work for (referred to as the “User” or “Users”), immediately agrees to comply with all the Terms of Use outlined below, which govern the content and operation of the Platform, including Shopzila’s “Privacy Policy” and “terms and conditions.” These Terms of Use legally bind the User and Shopzila (the “Parties”). The Parties can cite this agreement and take necessary measures to enforce it. The User acknowledges and accepts that Shopzila has the right to change, modify or update the Terms of Use without prior notice. If the User doesn’t agree to these Terms of Use, including any modifications that may be made, they should refrain from using the Platform.

Access And Use of the Website

“Accessing the Website implies that you have comprehended, acknowledged, and agreed to abide by the terms and conditions. The Platform can be accessed anytime, from any electronic device such as a computer, smartphone, tablet, etc., and through any browser.”

The Service

Shopzila provides a shopify theme that can be used on e-commerce websites such as

The Website is accessible at all times, but it may be temporarily unavailable during updates or technical problems. Shopzila is not responsible for any service interruption or updating, but it tries to make updates during low-traffic times.

Shopzila cannot guarantee that the Website, the Service, or any part will work on all hardware or devices. The Website may experience malfunctions and delays typical of using the Internet and electronic communications. Shopzila reserves the right to add, delete, and modify all content on the Website, except for user-generated content. Shopzila is not responsible for mistakes, typographical errors, or bugs. Each User owns the content on their account, and Shopzila does not delete anything unless the User requests it.

Usage Guidelines and Restrictions for the Theme

  • The Website should not be used in a way that causes harm, damage, overload, or puts it at risk
  •  It should not be used to disrupt the security or abuse any service, system, server or network associated with the Website or affiliated platforms
  • Other users of the Website and affiliated platforms should not be disturbed or disrupted in their use and enjoyment
  • Uploading or displaying any harmful, disruptive or destructive computer program, virus or file is prohibited 
  • Automated or manual methods to copy or control Website pages or content and sending unsolicited mass emails are not allowed
  • Accessing the Website or restricted parts of it without authorization is also prohibited 
  • The User acknowledges being solely responsible for any action or communication made by or to them and agrees to comply with applicable laws while using the Website

User Data

When you use Shopzila, you agree that the way Shopzila collects uses, and reveals its Privacy Policy governs your personal information. Shopzila will keep some of the data you send to the Site to manage its performance and data about your use of the Site. Although Shopzila regularly backs up its data, you are responsible for any data you transmit or any activity you undertake using the Site. You agree that Shopzila will not be liable for any loss or damage to your data, and you waive any right to take legal action against Shopzila for any such loss or damage.

Intellectual Property

Shopzila owns all intellectual property rights related to the Website, including trademarks and copyrights, unless otherwise stated and excluding content owned by Shopify or others. The User cannot use or copy any material, structure, menu, appearance, or characters from the website without Shopzila’s express consent. Certain names, words, titles, expressions, logos, icons, graphs, drawings, domain names, or other content on the Platform may be trademarks, registered or unregistered. These trademarks are protected by Indian and foreign laws applicable to trademarks and are the exclusive property of Shopzila.

Shopzila’s intellectual property includes logos, drawings, graphs, marks (registered or not), symbols, texts, expressions, words, and the general appearance of the Website. All information provided on the Website belongs to Shopzila and is protected by applicable laws, including India’s copyright and trademark legislation and the legislation of countries hosting the Website.

The User can use the information and the Website’s theme for commercial use only, provided they indicate copyright notices and trademark attributions. The terms of use allow restricted authorization for the User to view, display, download, and print text or pictures on the Platform for personal, educational, and commercial use only. However, the User cannot transfer or distribute this information to others without Shopzila’s explicit written consent. The authorization is non-transferable and non-sublicensable. Any downloaded, copied, saved, or printed content is subject to the terms of use, and the User must ensure that all notices regarding copyrights and trademarks are included. The Website’s content may be modified at any time without notice.

Theme License

We offer our users the option to use our theme under a non-free, proprietary software license, which reserves exclusive rights for us to modify, share, and use the theme however we see fit. It is strictly prohibited to distribute any part of the theme for commercial purposes, and doing so will violate our agreement. It may result in legal action to recover damages.

For more information on using, reproducing, or publishing any information on our Platform, please get in touch with us at Please note that this agreement does not grant the User any license or rights under copyright or trademark laws.

Unauthorized downloading, broadcasting, copying, or modifying of any intellectual property or data on our Website breaches trademark and copyright laws and may result in legal action.

Any content created, imported, submitted, or stored by the User is their property, and they are responsible for ensuring they have the proper rights to use it.

The User may leave the Website by clicking on a link called an “External Link.”

Shopzila acknowledges that it has no control over these External Links and takes no responsibility for their content, privacy policies, or practices. Shopzila is not liable for any direct or indirect damage or consequences from accessing or viewing the content on these External Links.

Additionally, Shopzila cannot guarantee that these websites or their content do not violate copyright, trademark, or any other rights. Shopzila cannot guarantee viruses or harmful components on these websites or their content.

Furthermore, Shopzila cannot guarantee the accuracy of documents available on the Internet.

Social Media

The User must follow the rules outlined below when accessing a social media page, account, Website, network, or any application within it that has been created and is controlled by a social media platform (hereafter referred to as “Social Media” individually and collectively).

General Statement

If you use social media pages and submit any content such as comments, pictures, videos, or other materials, you (and your parent/legal guardian if you are a minor) agree to follow and abide by the current Terms of Use, the privacy policy of Shopzila, and terms and conditions of the social media providers, if applicable. You also agree that Shopzila may copy, edit, publish, translate, and distribute any content you post on social media without compensation.

Terms and Conditions Of Use of Social Media

Shopzila does not necessarily endorse all the comments and content on its social media pages. Therefore, users are prohibited from posting any information, links, or publications that fall into any of the following categories on Shopzila’s social media pages:

  • defamatory 
  • Offensive
  • Obscene
  • misleading
  • illegal 
  • violating the privacy rights of others
  • advertising content 
  • promotional documents
  • falsified content 
  • Financial or personal information about oneself or others and any information that Shopzila’s would judge to be a breach or its Terms of Use

Shopzila reserves the right to delete any content within these categories without liability. Additionally, Shopzila is not responsible for filtering messages posted on social media or for any loss or damage from using social media by anyone, including the User.


The Platform provides certain functionalities that permit Users to publicly share their feedback, comments, and other material, collectively called “Reviews”, with other Users or the general public. By submitting Reviews via the Website, the User authorizes Shopzila to access, utilize, duplicate, process, modify, publish, send, store, and display those Reviews for any business purpose, including promoting and publicizing the Service. Additionally, the User waives any moral rights they may have in their Reviews and assigns them to Shopzila to the extent permitted by law.


These Terms of Use and any additional policies or rules posted on the Site are the complete agreement between you and us. Even if we do not enforce a particular right or provision, it doesn’t mean we’re waiving it. We will abide by these Terms of Use to the fullest extent permitted by law and may assign our rights and obligations to others. We will not be held responsible if events outside our control cause any loss, damage, delay, or failure to act. If any part of these Terms of Use is invalid, it will not affect the rest of the agreement. These Terms of Use do not create any partnership, employment, or agency relationship between you and us. You acknowledge that we will not be held responsible for drafting these Terms of Use and agree to waive any defences based on their electronic format or lack of signing.

Disclaimer, Exclusion of Warranty And Indemnity

Shopzila does not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, quality, suitability or content of its Website’s information. This information is provided “as is” without any warranty or condition unless stated otherwise in jurisdictions where implied warranties cannot be excluded.

Shopzila is not responsible for any content posted on the Website by users or for any damage that may result from such content. Users are responsible for the content they post on the Website and must not use it for purposes that violate applicable laws in India.

Suppose a user is a consumer under the Consumer Protection Act. In that case, they have additional rights that cannot be excluded, and Shopzila’s disclaimer of liability for certain damages does not apply.

Shopzila will not be liable for any direct, indirect, special, incidental or consequential damages, including loss of income, profits, or anticipated economic benefits, resulting from the use or inability to use the Website, the information, documents, and software contained therein, or their content, even if Shopzila has been warned of the possibility of such damages.

As a user, you agree to indemnify Shopzila, its directors and officers, shareholders, partners, employees, agents, and other stakeholders and release them from any liability for any claims, liabilities, losses, and fees (including legal fees) arising from your use of the Website or violation of these Terms of Use, whether such infringement is committed by you or any other third-party use of your account.

You are not allowed to use or export the information or any copy or adaptation of the information in violation of applicable laws or regulations.

Applicable Law And Competent Courts

Shopzila manages the Website and its content from its office in India. The Website and its content, these Terms of Use and your use of it are all governed by the applicable laws of India, without giving effect to any principle relating to the conflict of laws.

You agree that all issues and disputes concerning the Website and your use of it should first be brought in front of a mediator and, in the absence of compromise, decided by the courts of India.

In addition, any court decides that any provision of these Terms of Use is void or unenforceable and does not affect the other clauses.

Amendments To These Terms

From time to time, Shopzila may make changes to its Terms. If you continue to use Shopzila’s Website and Service, you agree to these Terms and any updates to them. Shopzila can change or add to these Terms without informing users. If you don’t agree with any changes to these Terms, stop using the Website. Shopzila will try to inform users of any changes made to the Policy, but you must review it regularly to stay informed.

Contact Person

If you have any questions or comments regarding any content of the Platform, please get in touch with us at

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I purchased this template for my new business. The design is beautiful, unique, and has an upscale feel about it. It is very easy to modify. Thank you!



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I’m still working on my website with the Shopzila Theme, but I’m truly amazed by the support team! San and others I forget to mention are so patient and help me every time! I usually don’t write reviews, but these guys deserve it bigtime! Many many many thanks! Keep it up!



have a huge product website. And I was very disappointed with my website speed. Whenever I install any add-on, its stops working or starts buffering. Then i tried the Shopzila theme, which claims to give my store perfect speed and a variety of features that cover almost all ecommerce store needs. This theme is amazing with the latest design.


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